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Sun Protection Swim & Beach Clothing for Children & Adults

We offer quality UV sun protection clothing and other sun cover items to help protect you and your children’s skin from the sun’s harsh and damaging ultra violet radiation (UVR). Rudies Sunwear - An Australian Company.

Australia’s outdoor climate is enjoyable all year round, however the sun is unforgiving, particularly in the North.  Our children need sun protection clothing while swimming and playing outside, and to help avoid sunburn damage on their arms Rudies long sleeve sun protection shirts are best.

Protect your children while young, and teach them sun smart options, like covering as much skin as possible with sun protection clothing.  Prevention is better than cure, ensure your children wear their long sleeve swim shirt, or keep your baby’s skin covered with a pram protection sheet to reduce the risk of UVR exposure.

The amount of UVR a person is exposed to over their lifetime, especially during childhood, is related to the possibility of them eventually developing skin cancer, according to the Australian Radiation and Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. 

The aim of Rudies Sun Wear long sleeve, sun safe shirts is to reduce the covered skins exposure to UV radiation.    Only the skin covered by a Rudies Sun Wear long sleeve shirt offers protection, so remember to cover exposed areas such as the face with a hat and sun-screen.

About Rudies SunWear Australia

I live in Townsville, North Queensland and I'm very conscious of being sun smart. I found my options were limited when it came to finding quality, long sleeve, sun safe shirts for my family that were free of unappealing screen printed images.

Rudies Sun Wear sun protection clothing is Australian made and the long sleeve swim shirt rashies use polyester and nylon materials.

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Postal: PO Box 4324, Kirwan, Townsville, Qld, 4817
0412 968 464 .. Office: 1300 119 627.